Cowry (COW) is a next-generation, hybrid cryptocurrency based on Proof of Stake (POS) mining and Masternodes. It is a fork of the open-source project of PIVX. Its smallest unit is Calf (0.00000001), thus; 100,000,000 calves equal 1.00 COW.
COW aims to become a quintessential cryptocurrency. It combines the pre-existing core features of other cryptocurrencies and refines them to produce a single currency capable to function with their strengths but without their deficiencies.


COW’s max supply is 50,000,000 and has a fixed reward structure. Besides, it has a process of managing the circulation supply through reserve funds, and buy-backs. 

To maintain the health of the coin supply, it emits 1.00 COW into circulation every minute. This implies that not more than 525,600 COW can be produced within a year cycle, thereby creating ascarcity feature essential for price stability.

It is developing its own gambling/betting platform. Therefore, you can generate income through staking, Masternodes and Locking (To be available on the gambling platform).

At least in the first two years of the coin’s lifespan, there will be scarcity of the coin; this will further be boosted with the demand for COW on the gambling platform.